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The next meeting of the Upstate New York James Connolly General Membership Branch will be the second Sunday of July 07/11/2021

Sunday, June 27, 2021 at 12 PM EDT – 5 PM EDT Townsend Park Albany NY

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Who was James Connolly and why is our branch named in his honour?

James Connolly was born in 1868 to Irish immigrant parents in Edinburgh, Scotland. He died in 1916, executed by the British for leading the famous Easter Rising in Dublin. During his 48 years, he lived in Scotland (early years of his childhood), Ireland, and the U.S. (1903-1910). In all three countries, he devoted his life to fighting for the working class and all oppressed people.

Most Americans have never heard of James Connolly, even though he was deeply involved in one of the most active periods of U.S. labour history. Connolly was at the founding convention of the IWW, along with Big Bill Haywood, Mother Jones, Eugene Debs, and other radical luminaries.
From 1903 until 1905 he lived in Troy, NY, and a memorial statute stands in his honour in Troy’s Riverside Park.

It is in honour [of] his commitment to [the] cause of labour, his being one of the founders of the IWW, and the centennial anniversary of the founding of the IWW that our branch in 2005 chose to honour him with a presentation in Albany and by officially naming our branch in his name.

Source:   www.upstate-ny-iww.org  –  July 18, 2007 Wayback Machine (Snapshot)

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